Steps to Tackle “UI Failed to load” Message in Avast Antivirus

Antiviruses are the most beneficial and influential element in the world of technology. What we do, what we exchange and what we converse usually reaches to the final platform with the help of data guarded by antiviruses. Among several antiviruses are in the pipeline, Avast Antivirus Customer Service Number has been recognized as the most successful antiviruses of all time.  Avast Antivirus, known as the leading companies in computer security vows to provide a wide range of protection, performance and privacy solutions for consumers and businesses. The prime focus of Avast Antivirus is to remove today’s top web threats, including ransomware, zero-days and other malware viruses.

Avast Antivirus proffers a scalable cloud-based security infrastructure that monitors everything that happens on the internet. We have an eagle- view into everything online, good and bad, providing the distinctive advantage of being first to inspect and analyze potential threats. Our vision is to enable our users to enjoy the full potential of themselves and their technology in a secure digital world.

Recognized as the most demanding anti-virus on the market, Avast Antivirus faces some technical problems followed by “UI Failed to load” issue that stops the whole program from processing.

To protect computing components along relevant Windows services regarding the smooth processing of Avast Helpline Number, follow the steps mentioned below:


For Windows 10 users

  • Press the Window and R keys on your keyboard to run the Windows Services console, then type services.msc and click OK.
  • In the Services, locate and right-click Remote Desktop Services and select Properties.
  • Click the drop-down menu next to Startup type and select Automatic. Later click Apply to confirm changes.
  • Restart your PC and try to open Avast Antivirus again.

So, if you really looking forward to a trustful technical support or wishing to secure your data through comprehensive, easy-to-manage malware protection, then don’t wait to become a user of Avast antivirus.